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Why another representation company? Why work with us?

  • Traditional representation companies do not provide an attractive value-for-money model for small/independent boutique hotels. We do!
  • We offer a modern approach to marketing & communication with a strong focus on digital and social media.
  • More and more bookings go either to OTAs or the hotel website directly. Now there is a lesser need for representation companies to maintain an additional GDS channel, which adds too much cost to third party representation. We focus on the awareness and visibility for your hotel.
  • Together we are stronger – in the portfolio of Best Boutique Collection you will find like-minded hoteliers with a true passion for their profession and their guest experience.
  • We offer regional exclusivity.
  • Enjoy a true networking spirit across the members and our staff.
  • Our marketing & service department will polish all jewels in our portfolio and let them shine – as a standalone piece of art as well as a great collection.