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FAQ – Best Boutique Collection



I am already a member of a marketing/representation network. Can I still join?

We do not expect you to cancel any of your existing contracts. If you feel that we provide an additional value, please feel free to discuss with us if there is any potential conflict of interest or if you pay twice for the same service.

My hotel has more than 40 rooms, but I consider myself a boutique hotel. Can I still join?

Unfortunately not. The philosophy of Best Boutique Collection is to provide an intimate experience for the guests. One of the criteria is a maximum of 40 rooms. And somewhere, we have to draw the line…

Why is the exterior so important? I cannot change the face of the building, but inside my hotel is really cozy.

We strongly believe in the principle of „the first impression“. Hence, the outside of the hotel plays a very important role to become part of our collection.


What type of regional exclusivity do I get?

The regional exclusivity is decided and agreed upon together, where the management of Best Boutique Collection has the final say. Examples would be:

  • Cities (e.g. Munich/Barcelona/Vienna): One hotel only
  • Mega-Cities (e.g. Hongkong, Shanghai, Mexico City): Two hotels, at least 10 km distance
  • Islands (e.g. Bali, Majorca): One hotel in the North, one hotel in the South (or East/West)
  • Regions (e.g. Cotswolds, Rheingau): One hotel per region

Why do you insist on a personal site inspection?

Our promise to the customers will be that every member hotel of Best Boutique Collection has been carefully chosen and personally inspected by a member of the Best Boutique Collection staff.

Our destination is hit by a political/natural deseaster. Can we negotiate reduced membership fees?

In order to be fair to all members and to implement our marketing plan, we can unfortunately not offer discounted rates due to factors beyond your control that affect your economic situation. If you have a major issue with your payment scheme, please contact us to discuss a pause in your contract or individual cancellation options.

How do you ensure followers & fans on your social media channels?

We will run various campaigns to generate audience on our social media channels. We expect a minimum of 5.000 fans/followers per channel in the first 6 months of being live.

The FAQ did not answer your question?

Here are several ways to contact us:
Skype: judithhoppe
phone: +49-89-673 78 619
e-mail: b2b@best-boutique-collection.com