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Is your hotel a good fit?

Your hotel should be part of the portfolio if you…

  • Consider yourself a Boutique Hotel/Resort/Lodge
  • Have between 1-40 rooms
  • Have a stylish or welcoming exterior design
  • Are not part of any hotel chain, regardless how few properties are in it
  • Have several key source markets and Germany/Austria/Switzerland is one of them
  • Believe that the Internet is there to stay and and an essential way of reaching out to customers

Application process

  1. Let us know that you want to join. Send an e-mail to b2b@best-boutique-collection.com
  2. We will send you a qualification questionnaire. Please complete and return to us. If you meet all criteria, you are almost in.
  3. We will schedule an interview (phone or Skype call). After the call, the management team will make a decision about your membership.
  4. We will send you the agreement.
  5. Once the agreement has been signed by both sides, you will receive the invoice.
  6. Once the invoice has been paid, your content goes live and our service fulfilment starts.
  7. Within the first six months after you joined the Best Boutique Collection, we require to do an on-site inspection. We do a thorough check of the hotel, collect input and take pictures. Afterwards, we provide a detailed inspection report with valuable feedback on staff, service, infrastructure and marketing ideas.